Ordinance 2017-08

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WHEREAS, it is important to update the City’s code from time to time to remain relevant and reflective of the ever-changing operating environment of the City; and

WHEREAS, staff would like to amend Title 12, Section 12.20 Park Regulations to add restrictions for hulled seeds in the City Parks and dogs on sports fields. The amendment also removes lifeguard requirements for swimming and golf course rules; and

WHEREAS, the legislative body of the City of Santa Clara reviewed the recommendation of the Parks Department and acted on the proposed amendment to Title 12, Section 12.20 “Park Regulations” and acted on April 12, 2017; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Santa Clara, Utah, that Title 12, Section 12.20 “Park Regulations” be amended as follows.

Section 1. Amendment:


A. In any park or trail owned or operated by the city, it is unlawful to cut, break, move, take or otherwise injure, destroy or deface any trees, shrubs, plants, turf, rock or any building, fence, bridge, sign or other structure, or foul any spring or stream or leave waste items or rubbish of any kind. No person shall dump any earth, rubbish or other substance or material in or upon any park or trail without written permission of the city

B. The sale, consumption or possession of intoxicating liquors or beverages and dangerous or narcotic drugs, or gambling of any kind is prohibited in any and all parks, trails and recreation facilities and areas.

C. No person shall make or kindle any open fire except in fireplaces and grills provided for this purpose or in private portable commercially manufactured grills or grills approved safe by the city. Coals and ashes from private grills should be dumped in existing fire pit or taken home. Grills provided for public use shall be on a first come, first served basis.

D. No person shall discharge or set off in parks, trails, or recreation facilities or areas, any firecrackers, rockets, or explosives without advance written consent of the city

E. No person shall, in any park or trail, set a trap or snare, or shoot, injure, annoy, disturb or poison any wild animal or bird, or injure or destroy any nest.

F. It is unlawful for any person to use threatening, abusive, insulting, or indecent language, to commit any obscene or indecent act, to fight or to create a public disturbance or nuisance in any park or trail. Any person who loiters in any park or trail under the influence of alcohol or drugs or who otherwise disturbs the peace of park or trial users by begging, soliciting, making undue noise, or engaging in disruptive activities shall be deemed to create a nuisance.

G. Except for city employees in City-owned vehicles, or others authorized by the City such as City contractors, no person shall ride in or drive any motor vehicle which is self-propelled upon any park land or trail except upon designated roads. It is prohibited for any person to commit any act, by use or operation, of any motor vehicle on any park land or trail, which if committed upon a public highway or street, in the state of Utah, would be prohibited and unlawful. Speed limits within all parks and upon trails shall be fifteen (15) miles per hour unless otherwise posted. No one shall test or repair any vehicle or mechanical device on any park or trail property. There shall be no parking at any time except in areas designated for such purposes. Abandoned vehicles shall be towed at owner’s expense.

H. No person shall, without written permission of the city, erect, paint, paste or otherwise affix or distribute any signs, advertisement, or circulars on park or trail property. The sale of anything or the solicitation of funds or donation within any park or trail is forbidden, except upon written permission of the city.

I. Horses, cattle, livestock, and domestic animals of any kind are prohibited in any park or trail, except a dog or cat on a leash. It is the duty of the person who owns or possesses a dog or cat on any park or trail property to keep the animal under control at all times, and to immediately remove and dispose of animal feces or other waste. No animals of any kind are allowed on any fenced sports field except a registered service animal, or as may otherwise be authorized in writing by the City.

J. Practicing, playing or using parks or trails for golf and archery is prohibited.

K. Upon park or trail property, no person shall carry a knife upon their person having a blade of three inches (3″) or longer in length except in conjunction with food preparation at a designated picnic area or pavilion, or have possession of, or discharge a BB gun, air rifle, pistol, firearm, bow and arrow, or any other type of dangerous weapon.

L. Permits for playing league or casual athletic games in parks on sports fields or courts may be secured from the City on a first come, first served basis, provided the same are not otherwise previously scheduled for organized league or tournament play. A valid permit shall be displayed upon request in order to avoid conflicts in the use of facilities. Persons failing to honor a valid permit may be denied future permits to use the facilities.

M. No person or group may utilize any park area, trail, or facility for the purpose of teaching an individual or group any recreational skill for personal profits or financial gain without written permission of the city.

N. No persons are permitted in any park during the hours of darkness, except in those areas designated for extended use activities, or unless written permission is attained from the city for after dark programs. The city shall reserve the right to lock any gate, chain, or door offering access to any park, facility or building in order to restrict nighttime usage thereof.

O. The city manager or his or her designee may temporarily close or curtail activities upon any lands or water, or any portions thereof, when it has been deemed to be in the best interest of public safety, conduct, health, or order.

P. No entertainment, demonstration, exhibition, meeting, concert, or tournament, whether public or private, shall be given in any park or on any trail without having obtained the written permission of the city no less than fourteen (14) days prior to usage.

Q. No group of twenty five (25) or more persons shall use a park or trail area without first obtaining written permission from the city. Group usage shall be limited to designated areas. Permission shall be obtained no less than three (3) days prior to usage. No person shall use loudspeakers, amplifiers, or public address systems in park without written permission.R

R. Camping or sleeping overnight in city parks or on any trail is prohibited without advance written permission from the city.

S. No person or persons shall willingly encroach upon lands administered by the city.

T. All of the aforementioned rules requiring written permission contemplate that such permits must be carried and produced upon demand.

U. Any person violating any of these rules and regulations shall be guilty of an infraction. Each violation shall be a separate offense.

V. Seeds or nuts still in the hull or shell, such as pistachios, peanuts, and sunflower seeds, are not permitted in any City park or trail, except at a designated picnic area or pavilion. Spitting or otherwise disposing of hulls or shells anywhere other than an authorized receptacle for collection shall be considered littering under Santa Clara City Code Chapter 8.12, and the additional penalties applicable to that chapter.

W. Use of skateboards on park property or trails other than specified skateboard venues and pedestrian walkways is prohibited.

X. Effective May 10, 2007, smoking of any kind on park property or trail is prohibited. (Ord. 2007-13 § 2: Ord. 2002-23 § 2: Ord. 95-64)

 Section 2. Effective Date:

This Ordinance shall become effective immediately upon adoption, recording and posting in the      manner prescribed by law.

  ADOPTED and approved by a duly constituted quorum of the City Council of the City of Santa Clara, Utah this 12th day of April 2017.

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