Ordinance 2019-13



WHEREAS, it is important to update the City’s code from time to time to remain relevant and reflective of the ever-changing operating environment of the City; and

WHEREAS, staff would like to amend Title 17, Section 17.44.130 “Temporary or Short-Term Signs”; and

WHEREAS, the amendment would allow for Political Campaign sign conditions; and

WHEREAS, the Planning Commission met on Thursday September 12, 2019 and presented the amendments of Title 17, Section 17.44.130 for the purpose of clarification on Political Campaign Signs and made recommendations to the City Council; and

WHEREAS, the City Attorney has reviewed and made revisions to the Ordinance and recommends approval.

WHEREAS, the legislative body of the City of Santa Clara reviewed the recommendations of the Planning Commission and the City Attorney and acted on the proposed amendment to Title 17, Section 17.44.130 “Temporary or Short-Term Signs” and acted on October 9, 2019; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Santa Clara, Utah, that Title 17, Section 17.44.130 “Temporary Signs”, be amended as follows.

Section 1. Amendments:



A. Definition: A temporary sign is a noncommercial sign intended for use during a specified limited time and which is not specifically prohibited or permitted elsewhere in this chapter.

B. Where Temporary Signs Are Prohibited: No person may post any temporary sign on city property or within any public right-of-way unless the person is an employee or agent of the city who is acting with authorization from the city council to post the temporary sign. Temporary signs may be used on private property only in accordance with this section.

C. Maximum Time Allowed: Temporary signs advertising an event or events may be placed up to sixty (60) days prior to the event or events and should be removed as quickly as possible after the event or events to which they relate. Temporary signs advertising real property for sale or lease shall also be removed as quickly as possible after the sale or lease closes. Any of the foregoing signs left for longer than five (5) days following the event(s) or closing to which they relate may be removed by the City.

D. Each temporary sign shall be maintained in good repair at all times, or it may be subject to removal by the City.

E. Temporary signs must be located at least two feet (2′) behind the property line or public right-of-way, whichever is nearest. Only one temporary sign is allowed on any one parcel of property at any time. However, for up to sixty (60) days before a general, local government or special election, an unlimited number of additional noncommercial temporary signs may also be placed on any one parcel of property, all of which must comply with the size, color, and placement standards of this chapter.

F. No temporary sign shall exceed (thirty-two (32) square feet in area, or four feet (4′) in height, except for project development signs or construction site signs, addressed below.

G. No permit is required for temporary signs, except for project development signs or construction site signs, addressed below. Permits for project development signs or constructions signs shall be obtained from Santa Clara City in the course of obtaining required development or construction approvals.

H. Swiss Days Exception: For the City’s annual Swiss Days celebration, temporary signs in the form of wood cow replicas may be displayed on private or public property for up to thirty (30) days prior to the start of Swiss Days, and fifteen (15) days following the conclusion of Swiss Days. The temporary signs including the wood cow replicas shall be placed so as not to block rights-of-way or create an obstruction of view when exiting a driveway or entering a public street from an intersection

I. Project Development Signs:

1. A temporary sign advertising a subdivision or housing project may be used for a period of time not to exceed one year from date of preliminary plat approval, unless extended by the City staff. Such temporary signs shall be removed when the project is sold out or completed.

2. Only one such temporary sign may be erected per development project unless there are several access roads serving the project, in which case the City staff may determine the total number of signs to be allowed.

3. Project development signs may not exceed eight feet by eight feet (8′ x 8′) and may not exceed a height of twelve feet (12′).

4. All project signs shall be removed when all original lots have been sold or when all lots for dwelling units have been sold. Project signs shall also be removed whether or not, or when, a permanent monument sign has been installed.

J. Construction Site Signs:

1. A construction site sign not exceeding six feet (6′) in height shall be allowed on each lot or parcel of land after a building permit for that lot or parcel has been issued by the City. The sign shall be approved by the City staff.

2. A construction site sign shall not exceed sixteen (16) square feet in size or four feet by four feet (4′ x 4′) in dimensions.

3. A construction site sign may also include the owner’s name, site address, permit information, and any other information that may be required by the City.

4. Construction site signs shall be removed within five (5) days following the issuance of a certificate of occupancy by the City.

K. Exception for Safety: Temporary signs of any kind that create a hazard to health or safety may be moved or removed by City staff as they determine necessary.

Section 2. Effective Date:
This Ordinance shall become effective immediately upon adoption, recording and posting in the manner prescribed by law.

ADOPTED and approved by a duly constituted quorum of the City Council of the City of Santa Clara, Utah this 9th day of October 2019.


CHRIS SHELLEY, City Recorder

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