Have Heart, Be Water Smart!

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Do you love where you live? We do too!

We live in one of the driest and fastest-growing areas of the state and have a limited water supply. But, thanks to you, our community members, we are making every drop count. Last year, we saved more than 400 million gallons of water despite a 5% increase in population… that’s love! Let’s save even more in 2022! Following are some easy ways to save:


  • Follow the seasonal watering schedule

  • Don’t irrigate on rainy or windy days

  • Limit grass to functional areas

  • Use water-efficient plants

  • Replace or repair leaking irrigation equipment


  • Turn off the tap while brushing teeth or shaving

  • Shorten showers

  • Take showers instead of baths

  • Fix indoor leaks like running toilets

  • Use a plugged sink when hand washing dishes

For more information visit www.wcwcd.org!



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