The Fall Burn Season is open September 15 through November 15, 2022. Please call Burn Control at 627-4949 the day you plan to burn. There is also a Burn Permit link on the city website at www.sccity.org. Click on the Public Safety drop down bar, then select Fire Dept. and then Burn Permit, you will then see a link to apply for a Burn Permit; https://washingtoncity.org/burn/permits.php . Burn days depend on weather conditions & clearing index-must be above 500. Fires must be attended to until completely extinguished and maintain 25’ distance away from buildings and other combustible material. Burning garbage or trash is prohibited. Make sure you have a hose or other extinguishing equipment at the burn site. Burning is only allowed during daylight hours. Please help keep burn season safe. If you have further questions, please call 435-627-4150.


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