Be Heard: Take the New Guiding Our Growth Survey

Be Heard: Take the New Guiding Our Growth Survey

Interested in the impacts of population growth in Utah? Want to make sure your voice is part of the conversation about your community’s future? Take the new Guiding Our Growth survey at

Preserving Utah’s unique quality of life requires carefully weighing the impacts of potential decisions about housing, open space, water, transportation, and more.This new survey leads participants through zip-code-specific options for dealing with growth challenges. The answers aren’t easy, but the best solutions require collaboration and facing the toughest decisions head-on.

Utah leaders statewide invite the public to share their opinions about how to guide Utah’s growth. The survey will extend through the summer. Results will direct the “big ideas” required in the near future to ensure the best Utah possible for future generations.

Take the time to be heard.

Previous City Council Public Hearing 5-24-2023

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