Swiss Days Vendor Booth Application

Vendor Application Form

Merchandise Vendor Information & Rules/Regulations

In an effort to create space for a more interactive and activity-oriented Swiss Days event, we will be using part of the grass field to accommodate those activities. The layout for vendor booths will be the same as last year. The merchandise booths will be located on the grass field, near all the new activities, which we anticipate will provide plenty of patrons near the booths. All vendor applications will be reviewed before a panel to decide which vendors will be approved for Swiss Days. We will be very selective and seek to provide an assortment of merchandise for our patrons. APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL JUNE 15th, at which time they will be reviewed. Booths will not be approved based upon "first come, first serve" as we are focusing on providing a variety of merchandise for our patrons. Food booths will be located on Heights Drive.
I understand that actual merchandise must be displayed and for sale at Swiss Days event (not ordered and delivered to customer at a later date, although orders can be placed, it must not be the only method of selling merchandise). Booths of a solely promotional nature are not allowed.
I understand that submitting an application does not guarantee me space in Santa Clara Swiss Days. I understand that Booth Style applied for does not guarantee that style of booth. I agree to sell only that merchandise which is shown in the photographs that are part of this application. All products must be approved by the jury selected by the Swiss Days committee. Santa Clara Swiss days reserves the right to disallow any item not in keeping with the standards of Santa Clara Swiss Days. If during the year, you add or change any products, you will need to submit new photos by August 15 to be approved by the committee.
A booth space is an uncovered 12x12 space. Electricity is available to all food vendors and to limited merchandise vendors. Vendors are required to provide and set up/ take down their own booth structure, tarps, tables, chairs, merchandise, etc. Displays must be confined to the booth space, and not encroach on walkways, the spaces to the side or rear of booth, or private properties. Booth assignments must be adhered to and are not transferable. Each vendor will be assigned a set-up time on Friday that must be honored. All sales must take place from your assigned booths. No roving sales are permitted. Vendors are required to be in their booths Friday from 3-9 pm (can stay later on Friday) and Saturday from 9-4. Vendors who sell out of product must remain in their booths for the remainder of Santa Clara Swiss Days. Booths will not be allowed to take down before 4 pm on Saturday. Vehicle access to vendor area will not be available before 4:30 pm Saturday. Vendors are to comply with Utah State Tax Regulations. Santa Clara Swiss Days will not refund fees in the event of rain or winds. The use of the words "Swiss Days" or "Santa Clara Swiss Days" on any product or signage requires written permission from the Swiss Days committee.
Utah Sales Tax #, Federal EIN Number, or SS#
Please refer to vendor map for booth layout.
To provide vendors with a more profitable experience, and to give attendees a more varied selection of booths, duplication of “same merchandise” booths will be limited.
ALL food vendors must have Temporary Food Service Permit from the Southwest Utah Public Health Dept.
Maximum upload size: 67.11MB